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Our family has been richly blessed through the use of the Classical Conversations program, and the memory work that my kids learn.

Many families who get started with Classical Conversations have trouble figuring out how to implement it in the first year.  Part of that is the way we were educated, where you feel like you have to fill a lot of time, or complete cool projects to have a great education, and that simply isn't the case.  Classical Conversations provides information for the grammar stage of classical-style learning.  In addition to the information (and presentations, fine art study and science experiments) your child will complete within Classical Conversations, you will also need to choose a method (or curriculum) to study language arts and math.  

Your first year, I would recomend just starting with Language arts (think reading, phonics, grammar (depending on age), spelling, etc.) math, and CC memory work.  Limit yourself to just these things for a month or so until you feel like you have a routine with the memory work.  You can have your child write out the history sentences, scripture memory, science memory work, etc to reinforce what they are learning and get some writing practice.  After you are comfortable with the routine and things are going well, then add another subject, project or resource.  Once that is going well, add another, etc.  And most of all, don't forget to add playtime and discovery to your schedule!  They are just as important as math!


If you want to add more depth to your CC topics, check out these blogs which list internet (and other) resources that coincide with your CC studies week-by-week:

Half-a-hundred Acre Wood – Awesome blog which FREELY includes A TON of links to instantly supplement your CC studies!  Looking for something to dig deeper with?  This place is a great place to go!

CC Games – this site by Karen Dewey has a number of resources to use with your journey through CC.  Her Great Artists powerpoint is beautiful!

The Corkboard – This CC mom lists ideas and activities week-by-week.

Adventures of Bear – This CC mom also lists activities week-by-week, and has a Montessori-type hands-on approach that is especially fun for the little ones!

Sola Gratia – If you are new to CC and don't want to spend time putting together your own study schedule using the links above, this CC mom has created a schedule for you to purchase.  Her visual "how-to" plan also includes an activity day she calls "Wonderful Wednesdays" which can include the use of the My Memory Work lapbooks that I create and are listed here.  

Other CC Blogs – This a page that lists a number of blogs written by CC moms!


If you are interested in the memory work, but want a hands-on way to learn, review and retain the information (not to mention a fun way to show grandparents what you are learning) you can't miss out on these Memory Work Lapbooks!  They are completely laid out with directions and pictures to walk you through creating your own "workbook/scrapbook of knowledge".


Interested in knowing what we did our first year of CC?  Check out our First Year-In-Review.  

Other helpful links for first-timers:

All About Classical Conversations


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And don't forget to check out the FREEBIES PAGE!!!  Lots of stuff for CC and life in general…..





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