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Bible Study and Character Building All-in-One!

This Lapbook on Love is the first release from the “Lapbook through the Bible” series.  This series was born out of a desire to provide my children with a fun way to learn, review, retain and dig deeper into their biblical studies.  I wanted to move beyond basic Bible stories, and move away from results-driven character training.  There are so many resources that want to shape our child's behavior, but I knew that if I didn't have their heart, it would be a constant batle of the wills.  True heart change is what we all need.  This study brings it all right back to the Gospel, and to the only One who can give us new hearts.  It is my hope that it deepens your enjoyment of Bible study, as well as makes your life easier by bringing everything together under one resource.  But most of all, that it points you and your children to Christ and his everlasting love.


This product is an open-and-go resource!

Love Lapbook Collage


Topics Covered:

– What is Love?

– Where does Love Come From

– How do we love when it can be so hard?

– Loving my Family, Friends and Church

– Loving my Enemies

– Loving My Neighbor / Missions

– Blessings when we Love



8 Read-aloud, 30-minute Lessons! No planning needed on your part!

7 FREE Scripture Songs to help you memorize the assigned verses!

Lapbook Templates and Instructions and instructions to create your own large, single-folder lapbook with two pages

– A quick print guide.  No double-sided printing neccessary!

– Every lesson is saturated with scripture.

– Scripture Memory – 7 new verses to memorize! (optional)

Coverpage- Love

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Here's What It Looks Like:


Lesson: This teaches the key principles of the lesson, full of Scripture

Scripture Memory: Each lesson, the student is encourage to memorize a verse that corresponds to the lesson's topic. Songs are provided to make this even easier!

Bible Story: An example from the Bible to show how the key principles of our lesson are put into practice in Scripture.

 – Putting It Into Practice: Lapbook components encourage the student to use their new knowledge to take action – re-shaping the way the see and interact with the world, and "put it into practice".

 – Prayer: Each lesson closes in prayer and circles back to the key components of the lesson.


When asked what the greatest commandment was, Jesus responded, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself." Matthew 22:36-39 


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Coverpage- Love

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