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Looking for a great way to interact with and review your memory work? Introducing the Memory Work Lapbooks!

This series is designed to complement Cycle 1 (4th ed.) of Classical Conversations***. Your student will be able to get some hands-on learning with visual aids and pop-outs all designed to deepen your memory work experience and to solidify the information into your student's memory for years to come! Moms report using them in a variety of ways – to aid in memorizing the material, to show those grandparents all you are learning, or even for state-required portfolio documentation! They can help your visual and tactile learners really "grasp" the material (no pun intended), and just make your Memory Work fun! Each lapbook includes templates for 6 weeks of material.


As you can see, these lapbooks are more than just blank templates with lines and pictures!  They help the student interact with the information – labeling parts, sorting objects, identifying terms all in an easy-to-use, straightforward format!   In just minutes a day, your student can have a treasured keepsake that will be used long after the cycle has ended, and help to ensure your student doesn't lose what they worked so hard to remember!  These fantastic resources are jam-packed with creative templates! Just cut, fold, paste and go!

(This is a tri-folder Lapbook template.  If you are new to Lapbooking, check out my video tutorial on How to make a Tri-Folder Lapbook.  Easy step-by-step directions and pictures are included throughout the documents.  Each Lapbook File covers 6 weeks at a time.  You will need to purchase 1.1-1.4 to cover all of cycle 1, weeks 1-24.)


***These products are meant to complement the Classical Conversations Foundations Program. You will need to own the Foundations Guide to be able to complete these templates. Check out Classical Conversations for more information, and to join a community near you!  I am not affiliated with Classical Conversations in any way.  However, I do love their resources and my CC community!  Give CC a try today!



"I absolutely loved the hands-on learning and review the CC Cycle 3 lapbook provided. We would work on a little everyday after our core subjects were complete and it was reinforcing what we had already recited and reviewed. Please continue to include the circle fold (fine arts) and the square fold (science). The children loved folding and unfolding as they reviewed. Fun, fun!" ~ Mary H.

"Somehow I ran onto your blog and saw your lap books. We absolutely loved them! And I think I showed them to every parent! I was proud of it! It just put all of our grand cc memory work in four colorful compact folders. We used them to review everyday, My daughter used them for presentations in cc. I liked that it was made for six weeks and we learned the six weeks at a time. The kids knew what was coming next. What a wonderful way to display all the hard work and your memory.   Great job Karen! Thank you for all your hard work! Makes our homeschool life smoother and fun!"  ~Dinara A.

"I have loved having this resource to enhance all that we're learning in CC!  Thanks for a great and affordable resource."  Jenny F.

"We love Classical Conversations, and we love Lapbooking. What a perfect combination. Great for review and showing off their knowledge to grandparents!! I appreciate the hard work you put into your products!" ~Angela P.

"Having purchase the Cycle 3 lapbook toward the end of our CC year, I enjoyed using it as review for MM testing as well as an overall review for our CC year. It is great for the hands on or visual learner and my kids LOVED putting them together!"  ~Cathy L.

"I LOVED your Cycle 3 lapbooks.  I liked most that these books made review much more fun and interesting for my daughter and I could SEE the difference in group time each week! The things that we reviewed with the lapbooks were the things that she remembered most with review in class.  Thank you for offering these at such a great price."  ~Melissa C.

"Your lap books are amazing with clear, concise instructions – it couldn't be easier to put them together. Thank you!" ~Melissa C.

"What a blessing lap booking all that we have learned in CC cycle 3 this year. My son and I do lap book in the evenings about twice a week and it is a GREAT way to review. We are looking forward to traveling to see grandparents this summer and are taking our lap books to show them all we have done this year. Thank you so much for all the time and energy put into creating these."  ~Kimber

"I love everything about the lapbooks and quite frankly – this was our first experience with lapbooks!! I always thought they were too time consuming before actually trying them out."  ~Melissa L.

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