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I found that even I can memorize large passages of scripture set to music!  Just play the songs in the background of your home or car, and you will be surprised at how fast you can pick it up!

***TO DOWNLOAD: Right-click and select “save file as” or “download linked file as”

My Music: (Please do not repost, but rather link to this page to share!)

The Book of Colossians:   Chapter 1:1-14,  Chapter 1:15-23, Chapters 1:24- 2:5, Chapter 2:6-2:15, Chapter 2:16-3:6, Chapter 3:7-3:17, Chapter 3:18-4.1, Chapter 4:2-18. (If there is no link yet, then I am still writing those!)  The lyrics / scripture version can be found HERE.

Isaiah:  Chapter 61:1-4

Helpful Other Links:

Ephesians – I used  this site to memorize the entire book of Ephesians one year. Music by Greg Schultz.  Free Download.

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Wisdom and Righteousness
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