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Covering the Baroque and Classical Period, with composers Handel, Bach and Mozart!

It is my hope that it deepens your enjoyment of the Orchestra study, as well as makes your life easier by bringing everything together in one resource!


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For use by an entire Homeschool Community



An Instant Digital Download, with authorization to print copies for each student, parent and tutor enrolled within your Homeschool Community / Co-op

For Use with up to 9 students



An Instant Digital Download, with authorization to print copies for each teacher, parent and student enrolled within your class of up to 9 students

Use it as a family!



An Instant Digital Download, with authorization to print copies for each member of your immediate family.

Your purchase includes an additional document to distribute to all parents within your Homeschool Community so that they can "Dig Deeper" at home! Your purchase includes an additional document to distribute to parents within your small group (up to 9 students) Your Purchase includes the complete Study Guide and Lapbook for the Orchestra

This resource is a week-by-week curriculum guide which spells out what to say, when to say it, and how to tie it all together!  

Just open it and go! 




This is the finished lapbook that each student will complete! What better way to remember your Orchestra studies!

This is perfect for CC Directors or Tutors*** to use in the classroom, and for parents to dig deeper into orchestra at home each week! 

I have included numerous “hyperlinks” throughout this resource, which saves you a ton of time & expense by not having to randomly track down additional information online, or purchase additional resources.  That means that many times you can click on a term and it will take you right to a free online resource.  You will find places that you can play the music pieces right online, or additional printables and resources should you decide to dig deeper!

The curriculum guide will also walk you through creating various pieces for your lapbook each week.  You will watch the lapbook evolve over the weeks, use it to review the prior weeks information at a glance, and each student will have their own book to re-discover what they learned long after they studied orchestra this year.  The lapbook pieces flow seamlessly into the curriculum as you move through the weeks.

The curriculum guide is broken down by week, and each week has four sections:

  1. Scope: This section summarizes the intent of what should be studied that week and why – it is your “week-at-a-glance”.
  2. Preparation and Materials: This section clearly describes what materials you will need to have prepared for class time, and what pages to have printed.  Each week is laid out simply, to require little preparation for the parent or teacher, and remain cost-conscious for homeschool communities that are using the resource.
  3. Instruction:  This section is designed to walk the teacher or parent right through the class time.   Complete lesson plans introducing the topics and the flow of information is clearly described, and what you are teaching is solidified by a lapbook component.  It is a cohesive, simple, and seamless way to cover and enjoy your orchestra study!
  4. Digging Deeper (at home or in class): This section is great for parents who want to do even more.  Many times, there are links to additional resources and ideas for further interaction and application of what is being studied.

View a Sample which includes a supplies list and printing guide!

There are 14 pages of instruction in the study guide portion of the resource (instructor can choose to read from computer or device, or print).  The Lapbook components consist of 16 pages (two of these pages can be printed on te back of another page, so 14 pages of paper would be needed per completed lapbook).  While there is color throughout the guide, if you are trying to conserve cost, I would recommended page 38 be printed color, the rest are nice in color, but not crucial.  Cardstock is recommended needed for two of the 14 pages. If using in a group setting, you may want to ask parents to bring in a file folder and piece of cardstock for the assembly of the folders. 


(This resource is designed to pair with weeks 19-24 of the Cycle 1, Classical Conversations Curriculum***.  As such, you will need to own the Foundations Guide to use this product.  You can get one HERE!) 


Here's What Others Are Saying About the Orchestra Books:

Laura from Minnesota says:

"WOW! I just finished putting together the Orchestra Lapbook. It is SO AMAZING! I'm going to show my Director to see if she'd be interested in purchasing it for our group. It is just too good to not be shared! It really does take the burden off of tutor planning. I love that you even highlighted what the tutor says; just brilliant! I just keep flipping through it! 🙂 Thank you for all your hard work!"

Heather talks about using it in her community:

 "We used the lapbook for our orchestra portion at our community last year and it was just what we needed! After several years of CC and a lackluster and somewhat dreaded orchestra segment, your lapbook provided a fun and easy to implement portion for orchestra. Than you so much! We are looking forward to your Cycle 1 offering as a community. Parents have already been inquiring about its release. Well done! :)"

Kathy from Wisconsin writes:

"What a fantastic product you have created – it will be a great blessing to many people!  As one who does not have a deep knowledge of the orchestra, I found the unit to be fun and not at all "stressful" to teach as the information was already prepared!  The children loved the activities and enjoyed creating the different folds for the lapbook.  Thank you for all the time and effort you put into producing a product of great quality and usefulness!

Leah said:

"We used your Orchestra Lapbook last year. It was a great addition to our studies and helped us learn the vocabulary in a hands-on way. The girls really like coloring everything and our boy loved all the cutting and glueing. Thanks for all the hard work that you put into this amazing resource."


This resource coordinates perfectly with Cycle 1 of the Classical Conversations*** curriculum.  Also Check out my other Lapbook templates over HERE!!!

***These products are meant to complement the Classical Conversations Foundations Program. You will need to own the Foundations Guide to be able to complete these templates. Check out Classical Conversations for more information, and to join a community near you!  I am not affiliated with Classical Conversations in any way.  However, I do love their resources and my CC community!  Give CC a try today!



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