Group and Co-op Prices


The copyright on Wisdom and Righteousness products state that they may be copied freely for all students within your immediate household.

I am happy to offer a discount for bulk purchases, or for those wanting to use our products outside the home in settings such as a classroom/group/co-op situation.


Community / Bulk Orders:

Use this option for groups of families purchasing together.  Under this option, each family is authorized to own a copy of the download.  Simply enter the number of families included in the group (does not need to be the entire CC community) and your discount will be automatically applied in your shopping cart.  These discounts only apply to package purchases (all 4 lapbooks of any given cycle), within a single transaction.  Talk with other families to see if you can get a group together!  This is a great option for lapbooking parties!

5-7 of the same item= 20% off

8-10 of the same item=25% off

11 or more of the same item=30% off

(Example – if there are seven families who want to pool together to purchase the "My Memory Work Lapbooks 3.1-3.4" product, click on the "Add to Cart" button.  Under quantity, edit quantity to 7.  Discount is applied in the cart.)


CYCLE 3 – $29.95
BUY ALL 4 & SAVE $$$!
Add to Cart


CYCLE 2 – $29.95
BUY ALL 4 & SAVE $$$!
        Add to Cart

CYCLE 1 – $29.95
BUY ALL 4 & SAVE $$$!
        Add to Cart

All purchases are Instant Digital Downloads (PDF).  

(After purchase, you will receive a download link that has been activated for the number of families purchasing the product.  You will just need to forward the download email to those who purchased the book!)


Co-Op / Classroom Use:

This does not allow the download or CD to be sent to other group members. This only allows for purchaser to make copies for students in a group situation, and fees are charged per student, NOT per family.   This may only be used when the instructor has initially purchased all four lapbooks for the associated cycle.

A fee of $10.00 per child using the product in the group/class/co-op shall be paid to Wisdom and Righteousness (this includes the use of all four lapbooks). 

Place the Lapbook Package (above) in your cart, click "continue shopping", then click on the link below and update the quantity to reflect the number of total students in your co-op class.


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***These products are meant to complement the Classical Conversations Foundations Program. You will need to own the Foundations Guide to be able to complete these templates. Check out Classical Conversations for more information, and to join a community near you!  I am not affiliated with Classical Conversations in any way.  However, I do love their resources and my CC community!  Give CC a try today!


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