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    Jul 2015
    My Memory Work Lapbooks 1.1-1.4 Quick Print Guide!!!

    I am so excited to return to Cycle 1 with the ten commandments and some Ancient History!  As I prep for the upcoming school year, I remembered that I posted a quick-print guide when I first released the Lapbooks for Cycle 1.   Here are the links for all of you!   Lapbook 1.1 Quick Print […]

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    Oct 2014
    The Woman

    Four years ago I was still working full-time with three kids, and a fourth on the way.  Around that time, I wrote a post for (in)courage which is a division of Dayspring (the Christian cards, etc.)  A few days ago, a friend asked me to re-post that article from the archives.  Although my situation has […]

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    Jun 2014
    Our 2014-2015 Curriculum Choices

    Memory Work – First and foremost, we will be focusing on our Memory Work.  Every year when I evaluate what really stuck with my kids and what they can then use to apply to new understanding, the Memory work stands out high above other forms of learning in the grammar stage.  In addition to our CC memory work, […]


My Memory Work Lapbooks

complementing CC Cycle 2



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Psalm 95

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Let us come before him with thanksgiving
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